Arts for Autism announces the Doo Wop Project to the Stage!


Arts for Autism is thrilled to welcome the Doo Wop Project to the stage for their first annual benefit on June 20th. When these stars from the Broadway smash hits Jersey Boys and MoTown: The Musical team up, “Oh, What a Night” it will be! Known for their tight harmonies, these triple threats take the audience on a musical journey, reimagining America’s greatest music from the 50’s to today. Their sound is as authentic as the musical icons you know and love from days past, but revitalized to bring a modern audience to its feet. Mixing in stories and memories from backstage at Jersey Boys to growing up with Broadway dreams, the Doo Wop Project honors the classics while exciting a new generation with their doo wop flair.

Before Dominic Scaglione Jr, Jevon McFerrin, Russell Fischer, John Michael Dias, Dwayne Cooper, Dominic Nolfi, and Sonny Paladino were Broadway professionals, they were developing their vocal chops while singing along to oldies on the car radio. Now they’re eager to spread their passion for music with the amazing organization, Autism Speaks. The Doo Wop Project has a long history supporting arts programming for individuals with autism. Through Music for Autism, they created interactive concerts customized for kids with autism and their families. Seeing firsthand how engaged and enthusiastic the children were was deeply gratifying.   Parents were brought to tears by the power music had for their children, and for all populations, to express what mere words often can’t. Music Director Sonny Paladino writes that, “As a band we were deeply touched by this experience and we’ve always made time to help spread autism awareness.” When it came time for the Arts for Autism benefit, the band was immediately on board. Sonny Paladino will in fact be Music Directing the concert. Don’t miss a thrilling evening of music and memories with the Doo Wop Project and more! “Ooo Baby Baby” we hope you “Get Ready” for this spectacular one-night only event!